Almost every time I go into TopShop, I leave with a necklace, wanting a necklace or wanting to go home to make a copycat necklace. This last venture it was the first choice. Enter
gray tshirt necklace slash scarf awesome thing. This goes with a plain t-shirt to make it more memorable, or looks great dressing down a sleek dress.

I’ve worn it three times already (including today, see below), and it’s only been in my life for 2 weeks. Sorry friends/family/coworkers, you might get sick of seeing it but I am no where near sick of wearing it.

TopShop necklace

I wanted and needed this. I would have ruined so many t shirts trying to recreate this and I still just might. How awesome would a patterned tee turn into an awesome DIY necklace project. I’m looking forward to a follow up post of a less polished but still awesome copy cat version.I would have included my face in this “real life” picture, but I’m currently down with a cold, and my red nose takes away from the beauty of this item.

Necklace in real life!