Now I don’t want my Sam Edelman boots to get worried but I got these very recently from a great Valentine’s Day at Dolce Vita online sale and I’m pretty excited to have more daily wear boot options. I am doing this thing with 2013, a resolution if you will, that I’m going to wear heels more days that not. This so far has led to some new purchases, so I can fulfill my resolution and not bore the world with wearing the same (4 to 5, now 6) pair of ankle boots each week. Comfort, amazing. All day at work and beyond type stuff.  I have really high hopes for these being a new fave since they hit at a great point of my ankle/leg (skinny jeans perfection) and are super cushioned on the bottom. The heel is also very manageable since it’s stacked.

Dolce Vita Jamala Ankle BootDolce Vita Jamala Ankle Boot


Dolce Vita

I really love this brand. Basically I don’t see how I can go wrong here.

Needed it, seriously, for my resolution. Happy (belated) New Year!