Not exactly a new item in my closet, or lets be real, out in a large pile of shoes in my living room. But I really can’t say enough good things about the ShoeMint Hattie

I started my time with ShoeMint because I couldn’t say no to this flat, and bonus, it’s comfortable.

ShoeMint Hattie

ShoeMint "Hattie"

I love doing a somewhat “leather biker” look with this flat. Cropped black pants or ripped denim with a slouchy black tee, then “BAM” color. I actually just got excited because I remembered I have faux leather leggings… yeah that look is happening the next time faux leather sounds like a good idea (tomorrow?)

The only downfall to this shoe, check the weather before hand, it’s too beautiful to get ruined by a 30% + chance of rain day, or carry rain friendly backups.